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Use this form to make a complaint about a problem with goods or services purchased in or from Western Australia or the Indian Ocean Territories.

For complaints related to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic - we encourage you to review the COVID-19 coronavirus FAQ, to check for self-help tools and ensure we are the right agency to deal with your complaint.

Contact the business

Before submitting your complaint to us contact the goods or services seller to see if the problem can be fixed. We have sample letters that may help and the consumer complaint checklist has information on how to try to attempt to resolve your dispute.

You do not have to make contact with the individual or business if you:

  • feel threatened;
  • can't find them; or
  • can't for some other reason.

Submit your complaint

You can submit your complaint in person or by post by downloading a copy of this form, completing it, and submitting it with copies of your supporting information to Consumer Protection in Perth or regional WA (addresses are on the form).

To submit your complaint online, continue with this form. You will need electronic copies of supporting documents including any correspondence with the individual/trader, invoices, receipts, contracts etc.

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